The Side Effects of Chrysanthemum tea

Published: Thursday 11 January, 2018

1. We should select the small and yellow color ones

Chrysanthemum is easily moldy and have insects inside, the quality of chrysanthemums on the market are uneven. People who do not know the market roles will choose white and large daisy flowers. In fact, the small, ugly and yellow color chrysanthemum is the top quality instead.
In addition, the best selection of chrysanthemums is the calyx and greenish chrysanthemums, indicating that it was taken off immediately once it was opened. When shopping, we should touch the flower firstly, the soft and smooth ones are better than others.

2. Spleen deficiency people should drink less

Chrysanthemum tea, should not be long-term continuous drinking, it is general to drink about 3 to 5 days later. People who has physical cold may wish to put some Chinese wolfberry, while the spleen deficiency person should drink less. The spleen deficiency people drink cool chrysanthemum tea also easily cause stomach discomfort, it will also lead to acid reflux.

3. Pay attention to the tea with rock candy

When you drink chrysanthemum tea, some people like to add a few candies to increase the taste. Chrysanthemum tea with rock sugar is allowed, but for people with diabetes or high blood sugar, it would better not to add sugar, just drinking a single chrysanthemum. In addition, people who has the spleen deficiency also should not add sugar, the too sweet tea will lead to such sticky or sore mouth, and the saliva will increase. Brewing chrysanthemum tea could directly add hot water.