The Standard of Good Tea

Published: Monday 08 January, 2018

The only standard of good tea: the tea you feel good is good tea! Otherwise, many people lost in the false, forgetting the essence of tea. It is a drink for people to drink, delicious is the first reason for the existence of tea. There is no identical person in the world and no identical tea. As long as anyone likes it, it will exist.

The price of tea can be high and low, but no points of distinction for good and bad. The dark tea in the past could only be sold in marginal areas, now the price is staggering. So we should look at the value through the price. The physical and chemical essence of tea is substances, it will not change with the price. So do not listen to people who say that the good tea deserves several thousand price, do not lie to yourself, follow your own heart, let your taste buds tell you whether you really like it.

Tea is a very inclusive thing, only the tea conquered the world, the consumption of tea in the world over the sum of coffee, chocolate, cocoa, carbonated drinks and alcoholic beverages. Almost all countries in the world are drinking tea, why? It is due to the inclusive of tea. The more soft things has the more aggressive, people will unknowingly like it.