To Learn Tea is to Learn the East Way Aesthetic and Life Taste

Published: Sunday 11 March, 2018

The difference between the east and the west in terms of culture and aesthetics is mainly embodied in more subtle, more tolerant and deeper.Brew a Wide Variety of Tea

Only in accordance with a profound understanding of oriental culture, especially the spirit of Chinese culture, can really drink a cup of tea. Chinese tea drinking habits have always been affected by this cultural gene, in the past decades, the impact of Western modern culture has not wavered, especially in recent years is gradually returning.

For example, more and more people like to drink, rather than drink, more people like slow-tasting rather than quick-drink, the higher the cultural level, the better the material conditions of the crowd, the proportion of such people is higher, and a country, a society, culture and lifestyle are often led by this part of the people. The higher the level of culture, the better the material conditions, life is often more tasteful. This is an undeniable fact.

Because they tend to be more discerning, what is beautiful, what is ugly they have a more reasonable standard, this is the cultural elite stratum influence social aesthetic orientation. So what is this group of cultural elites increasingly inclined to the oriental aesthetic and the Oriental way of life?

We might as well compare the cultural differences between East and West in several ways. After the destruction of civilization in ancient Rome and the ancient West, the Western countries established a new civilization on the American continent in the form of colonialism, and in the collision and struggle of many values for a long time. In particular, the rapid economic development of the American continent, with the rapid rise in political and cultural influence, has influenced the cultural value orientation of Europe with youthful, arrogant and more self-confident posture. It seems that the hundreds of-year-old set of value systems wants to subvert thousands of years of accumulation. The American-centric aesthetic, values and lifestyles seem to reject the foundations of Europe and Asia, just as a rebellious young man is always skeptical of the teachings of his elders.

In such constant doubt and experimentation, a civilization and a value system that is more in line with the needs of its social exhibition, including philosophy, art and way of life, has been formed. And China as the center of the Oriental Civilization is always in accordance with a path to continue to move forward. In short, the Western civilization represented by American culture is in the process of constant exploration and trial and error. Oriental culture has always been developed under the ideology accumulated in the past thousands of years and constantly absorbs things including modern Western civilization to improve itself.

Just as a truly high looking elders, in their years of experience on the basis of continuous learning of the advantages of young people, the wisdom of the elderly and there is no lack of vitality of young people. Then back to tea this matter, China as the representative of the Oriental Tea culture has a history of more than thousands of years, has always been mainly to clean drinking. For example, we in a cup of tea to drink a sweet, to drink a dense incense, milk incense, flower fruit incense ... We will never add honey, milk, juice, etc. We need to be in the tea itself varieties, planting, processing, brewing taste technology to feel.

More is the need to use the "heart" to feel.

However, when the tea to the West, it is more to meet the "appetite", to sweet directly add sugar, to incense directly add spices, to the rich directly add milk ... This is the two different value orientations actually put on the individual body is not a stage of life and orientation. Just as a person in the growth and development process, the beginning of the pursuit of full, and then the pursuit of good food, and then saturation is not important, it is important to eat after their health, eating the process is pleasure.

A higher level is after eating their own spiritual level has not been promoted. Drink a cup of tea, just like we appreciate a painting, no other color, only black and white, and we need in black and white through the shade, thickness, merits, size, etc. to feel the author's thoughts, or even beyond the picture itself so that their own spirit to get more experience.

This is to appreciate Western oil painting, watercolor and so on have different feelings. So learn to drink tea, is the Oriental culture and aesthetic most direct feelings. is to learn to improve the perception of a confidant in subtle changes. Such a difference, only through their own attempts to constantly contrast to form their own ideas. And the so-called taste, not just have their own independent aesthetic, can feel the beauty of others do not feel it?

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