What are the differences between the three major black tea(Lapsang souchong, Dianhong, keemun)?

Published: Sunday 11 February, 2018

Compared to Pu'er tea, the taste of black tea is not so variable, for the beginning of the teahouse, the face of different types and different levels of black tea, how to choose? Penny goods this rule does not seem feasible, such as drinking is Mountain Lapsang souchongs, there will be no cheaper expensive sweet. Such as Keemun, the price is very expensive, but I did not feel so legendary incense. What exactly is the difference? Today, more prominent among the black tea, Lapsang souchong , Dian black tea ,Keemun tea of black tea.
buy black tea Lapsang souchong "Sweet"
Species the most sweet, fragrant, soup is also very thick. Lapsang souchong is also a good choice for getting started. The price point of view, cheap taste, miscellaneous taste; expensive mellow, supple. Novices may not immediately have this experience, as mentioned earlier, will love the kind of the most direct kind of cheap sweet.
Is not drunk Zhengshan Lapsang souchongs, the basic belongs to non-visiting tea guests. This part of the tea is included in many people who want to get started or beginners, they are not able to accept the thick smell of Masanobu thick pine smoke. So there has been an upgrade to give up smoking technology, many people from the Kushan small species drank a longan flavor. However, if you drink a potato flavor, please note that there is a big difference between Masamura Lapsang souchongs and pseudo-Lapsang souchongs, there is no potato flavor.
Dianhong "thick mellow"
Dianhong unlike Lapsang souchongs so sweet, but strong alcohol, there are stocks tenacity. Some of my friends started from Dianhong and loved the other black tea after they were intense. Their love of Dianhong was not the same as the transition from the Lapsang souchongs.
Dianhong overall style is more mellow, big leaf tea obvious characteristics, on the other hand, a slight sour taste is also normal. High-quality Yunnan red distribution of the iconic honey incense, and accompanied by sweet flowers and fruit, orange color transparent, it is truly attractive seductive.
Once a tea person said, "The product of Yunnan red, such as product Yunnan women, passionate, long aroma, sweet and mellow, pleasant and generous drink, never forgot, because never wanted to forget!
Keemun "taste mellow"
Keemun also very prominent features, good flavor, thick taste, tea flavor is. However, people do not like the favor of species and Dian Hong came so fast, the beginning would feel bland. Therefore, the novice need not come into contact too early, otherwise not only can not drink well will be counterproductive.
When it comes to Kumun, I have to say "Keemun fragrance." Keemun incense is a light floral fruit, sustained and long. And those who can smell the smell of tea from afar, Keemun fragrant cup to smell. However, the same cup, many black tea have no such flavor.
On the "thick taste," contrast, Dian Hong to "strong" known, but with the drink with Keemun may not seem taste, and later want to get back to that taste of Dian Hong is not easy. On the "taste of tea is not very good explanation, first of all in Keemun thick taste is non-miscellaneous taste, and then concentrated tea flavor does not diverge. In fact, the most suitable way to drink Keemun black tea is not sugar and milk, clear drink. If you insist on adding milk, then presents a pale pink, but also different.