What is tea?

Published: Thursday 18 January, 2018

Some people say that tea is a kind of drink, some people say that tea is a kind of drink, some people say that tea is a kind of drink, some people say that tea is a kind of drink, some people say that tea is a kind of drink, Never fact tea like a woman. In fact, whether spring or lowbrow, regardless of arts or daily necessities, are inseparable from tea. So what is tea?enjoy the best tea

Many varieties of Chinese tea, white tea, green tea, green teas, yellow, black tea, dark teas, each tea has many categories, is colorful, colorful.

People often talk about what kind of tea is the best. I think that each variety of tea has the best, have its finest, it depends on a person's preferences, look at tea mood, because different tea party brings different mood.

I like tea. Some tea is light, some tea is sweet, some tea is sweet, some tea is sweet, some tea is bitter, some tea is thick, some tea is soft, some tea has strength. Tea brings me the sentiment, not only "never good tea like a beautiful woman ", it is more like the life of hundred states.

I think different teas are like groups and ages of different people.

White tea, like children. The fragrance is light, the soup is transparent. Taste of white tea, as if to see a naïve, pure and innocent children. He is true, not too much bearer, he quench his thirst, give people a pleasant state of mind

Green tea, like a 16-year-old young girl. Faint sweet, slightly green, tea fragrant, but not resistant to foam. Flowering season, less a depth and thickness, but a little more light and fresh, people eager to. Walking for example, the green tea is like being in a field, a forest, a fountain, and a youthful and beautiful mentality. For example, the Jasmine tea in Fuzhou, Hermione fragrance, light dance flying, like ballet dancer, with a slim posture compose a beautiful melody.

Black tea, what is black tea? I think black tea is like middle-aged men and women, less personality, a more inclusive. He is stable, soft and mellow, embodying a golden mean. Black tea has an amiable temperament, he has from the black tea can be tasted calmly and calm bearing, so that the popularity of mind free.

At first blush, tea is like Chinese medicine, soup is black, taste heavy, thick, bitter. But a good old Puer to 15, 20 bubble when the entrance is, it seems that tea but no tea, Tao like no tea but no tea, Tao like no tea but tea, Tao like no tea tea his wisdom and the spirit of rejuvenation can bring- "listen to June words read ten years of the book" Baptism and Epiphany. Friends often joke way: better bullying old, do not bully young. In fact, the old and young equality, we need to care about and love, can not be bullied. In this way our society will be more harmonious, more wisdom, more progress.enjoy the best tea

A good tea is like a man, a fine taste. Good tea is not only like people, it can reflect every aspect of life. A tea from planting, growing, plucking, to the production, naming, and then to view its shape, listen to its sound, smell its incense, taste its rhyme, and then fight tea, tea, poetry song Fu, and then feel sublimation, has already transcended the general material form, it is the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancestors, is the heritage of culture.

China is the source of the world's tea, a small tea can bear the history of China's thousands of years of civilization, it contains a broad, profound is the need for us to understand, to feel. As one of the world's three major beverages, as the world's tea fathers, I hope that China's tea ceremony, tea ceremony can become China's national ceremony. so that friends all over the world through tea to understand China, know China, feel China.

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